Liz SanQuiche

      I am the notorious BRIKHAUS...

     Three years ago I was a mere pile of rubble, after the breakdown of my marriage. This Brikhaus crumbled one brick at a time. I may have even done some brick tossing, created some brick flying and thus created a storm that broke down this woman. My life in shambles literally and figuratively, I had to dig deep to start all over again.

     I followed my heart as it pertained to the love of a man, but left behind the love for myself. Living in the partial shadow of who I should have been. I braved the decision to leave my career in business to follow my talents. My only regret in life was that I did not nurture my artistic skills, which was always apparent from a very young age.

     "Things happen for a reason," they say. Jobless, loveless, and numb I dove into writing short stories, poetry and sculpting. I had never laid on hand on clay until 2010. Who knew I would fall in love with sculpting. I continue forward in my transition to independence again. So you enter my Haus in a state of metamorphosis, losing myself and finding myself.

     I am driven by the passion to create, to feel, and to experience life to the fullest! I have been given a second lease on life. How foolish would I be to not take advantage of that? I want to be ME at full volume! I'm just getting started on this new bittersweet journey. Why? Because I am a slave to my heart and I've unleashed the passion that's been deeply lurking. My energy, my innate expression is channeled through my creative soul and mind. My art isn't just who I am, but an expression of the passion that drives me.

      Understand that this isn't about me. It is completely about us and our connection.

"Passion lives within each of us, to deny that is to deny living." Find what your passion is and let it be your driving force!

     All My Flavor,